Past Sessions – WTCI's AGILE Innovation Series

Past Sessions

December 11, 2019

Global Innovations in Protecting the World’s Food Supply

The world has a food shortage, resulting in more than 821 million undernourished people, and the problem is growing.  The United Nations reports that in 2050 the world will require 70% more food to feed its inhabitants.  There are big innovations happening in food security, food supply chains, and agriculture. This session will highlight those innovations and show how companies are responding to the crisis and what the future holds.


September 12, 2019

Global Innovations in Consumer Loyalty: How Consumer Centric Companies Are Driving Top Results

Our innovative experts and thought leaders will discuss inspiring stories of building and living a customer centric approach – product design, development, sales, services, operations and all touch points.  In this session, we will explore innovative ways to drive stickiness, achieve a top NPS, and inspire and mobilize an organization to deliver with the customer in mind.

Mary Steinbrunner - Dunlop Boots
Tabata Gomez CMO Global Tools & Storage

June 10, 2019

Global Innovations in Sustainability: Leaders Driving Results Through Purpose

Our innovative experts are disruptive CEO’s and executives driving financial results and redefining industries through a strategy platform of built around sustainability and climate enhancements.  This discussion will feature inspiring innovations and the big trends in the food and beverage, energy, and technology sectors, the challenges these executives faced along the way, the achievements and results from their strategy deployments, and a look towards the future of sustainability and impact of climate change.

Jeff Eckel Chief executive officer and Chairman of Hannon Armstrong

March 14, 2019

The Key to Growth: Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

Our panel of innovative experts from Mind Over Machines, Hogan Lovells, and Jhpiego will discuss the possibilities of artificial intelligence, the impact on their respective businesses, short-term and long-term implications, ethical factors, and big challenges they are solving around the globe.

Mark Brennan, Partner at Hogan Lovells

November 14, 2018

Breakthrough Innovation at Stanley Black & Decker

For more than 100 years this company has been delivering tools to consumers and professionals alike. They have built their success by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible while bringing fresh twists to familiar, indispensable products. Innovation continues to power their businesses—driving results that allow them to invest in seeking disruptive breakthroughs that redefine markets.

Mike Murray - Stanley Black and Decker
Tim Hatch - Stanley Black and Decker
Bob Welsh - Stanley Black and Decker

September 12, 2018

Global Innovation in Space and Beyond

From missions that stretch billions of miles across our solar system to protection from ballistic threats, the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab deals with some of the most complex engineering challenges imaginable. Learn how their approach to innovation might apply to your business challenges.

Ralph Semmel, Laboratory Director, will kick off the session with an overview of the Lab’s strategy for innovation, which covers 6,300 staff members who work across projects ranging from cybersecurity to planetary defense.

Dr. Turtle will cover an exciting new mission concept called Dragonfly, a rotorcraft-lander that would explore Saturn’s large, exotic moon Titan. Should NASA select this daring mission for flight, Dragonfly would shed unprecedented light on a fascinating, Earth-like world of clouds, lakes and seas of liquid ethane and methane, and vast expanses of organic sand dunes.

Dr. Chabot will tell us about a very important project that could one day save the world. This mission is called DART, which is short for Double Asteroid Redirect Test. Set for launch in 2021, DART will test what’s known as the kinetic impactor technique — striking an asteroid to shift its orbit — and take a critical step in demonstrating we can protect our planet from a potential impact.

Zibi Turtle - Johns Hopkins APL
Nancy Chabot Johns Hopkins APL
Dr.Ralph Semmel - Johns Hopkins APL

May 9, 2018

Global Innovation in Cyber Security

Maryland is a well-known hub of cyber-security, and with new threats popping up every day, the fight to stay ahead of these constantly evolving threats never ends. At this session, presenters will address:

  • Government Influence on Cyber
  • Why Everything Isn’t Moving to the Cloud
  • The Rise of Zero Trust Networking
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The Fracturing of Risk Management
  • Driving Innovation with Diversity
  • International Hubs in Cyber
  • Preparing Future Cyber Leaders and more
Dr. Emma Garrison-Alexander - UMUC
Ginger Wierzbanowski - Northrop Grumman
Ron Gula - Tenable

February 7, 2018

Global Innovation in Higher Education and Workforce Development

In today’s rapid changing world, no industry is immune from the disruption caused by technological innovation. In higher education, one of Maryland’s largest industries, companies and institutions must meet higher demands at lower costs in an increasingly crowded market place. They adapt through economies of scale, leveraging advanced data analytics to create more personalized and relevant products for their customers. The higher education paradigm is changing with MOOCs, Micro Certifications, experiential education and other innovations upsetting the traditional models of higher education. At this session, leaders from the non-profit and for-profit side of higher education will discuss how they are facing these and other challenges and the innovations they are employing to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Steve Tom - Laureate
Javier Miyares - UMUC

November 8, 2017

Innovation in the World of Wearable Technology

Although Under Armour is well known for its sweat-wicking fabrics, it has recently made a shift to embrace digital technology. It has spent nearly a billion dollars acquiring wearable fitness companies, making it a leader in the space and giving Under Armour insightful data, allowing for new and innovative ways to create value for its customers.

Kevin Haley 260x260

September 28, 2017

Global Innovation in the World of Fashion & Jewelry

Pandora shook up the jewelry industry with the introduction of their iconic charm bracelets in 2000. This innovation, combined with international expansion, fueled the company’s rapid growth over the ensuing years and today, Pandora is one of the largest jewelry companies in the world.

Beth Moeri 200 x 200
Jenny Merrill jpeg 400 x400
Scott Burger jpeg 400x400
charisse ford 400x400

June 22, 2017

Global Innovation in the Wireless World

TESSCO is at the center of the wireless world, a position that can only be maintained through constant innovation, fresh ideas and strong partnerships with industry leaders like Samsung and Outter Products. As a one-stop wireless shop, TESSCO has their finger on the pulse of this rapidly changing market to meet the evolving demands of their clients.

Murray Wright - CEO | TESSCO
Liz Robinson - TESSCO

May 15, 2017

Global Innovation in the Spice World of Food & Flavor

This century-old company maintains its position as the top spice company in the world by relying on innovation across all areas of its business. Beyond its global network of 18 Technical and Innovation Centers and flavor forecasting, McCormick has found success with innovative packaging, marketing efforts, and its global acquisition strategy.

Lawrence E. Kurzius _ CEO - McCormick