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THE Cultivating the next generation of global citizens

What are the Albrecht Fellowships?

The mission of the Albrecht Fellowships is to prepare students for a future in which they engage with the world while enhancing the economic competitiveness of our region. Through a series of programs targeting students at different points in their educational journey, they will discover global opportunities that they never knew existed as they position themselves to make their mark on the world.

For Students

Gain real-world access and insights on a wide variety of career paths within Maryland’s top global firms. Let WTCI open the door to its network and a wealth of opportunities in international business across our region.

For Employers

Showcase your firm to a handpicked group of high achieving students from area schools while helping our region retain top talent.

For Educators

Connect your students to opportunities at area firms while better preparing them for a future in the competitive and ever-changing marketplace.

For College Students

Ceina - Joe Cumello & Student

Global Pathways for Students (GPS) Program

Today’s college students will be the next generation of world leaders. Many lack access to a vibrant and robust business network. Leveraging  WTCI’s breadth and expertise, the Global Pathways for Students Program provides the knowledge and tools needed for college students to succeed in a diverse and increasingly competitive employment marketplace. Participants get an up-close and in-depth look at some of Maryland’s most innovative global businesses.

For High-School Students

Youth Diplomats

Youth Diplomats

WTCI’s eight-month Youth Diplomats Program helps shape high school students into global citizens. Through a series of workshops, volunteer opportunities, and meetings with professionals from across WTCI’s extensive business network, participants will build their leadership and cross-cultural communication skills as they meet one Saturday a month to explore topics in global affairs and diplomacy.

Visionary Founder

Jim Albrecht

Nearly three decades ago, Dr. James Albrecht became one of the founding board members of the World Trade Center Institute. As passionate and forward thinking now as he was then, we are grateful and honored to recognize him as a founding member of WTCI’s Albrecht Fellowships. These programs reflect his lifelong commitment to youth education and global issues. Dr. Albrecht’s vision and giving is laser-focused on “making a difference in the lives of young people.”Originally from Chicago, he has made his home in Baltimore and his support and mentorship of Baltimore City students is one of the many reasons we are so excited and honored to have him on board. Hidden talent: One thing you might not know about Jim is that he is also an accomplished pianist who has composed several albums with Makeda Rose, a talented Baltimore City vocalist.

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