2016 Fellows

Linda Tiberi Director of Strategic Sourcing, Womens Under Armour

Linda Tiberi

Director of Strategic Sourcing, Womens

Under Armour

“For me the EDGE program can really be summed up in one word, People. Everyone was really incredible from the WTCI staff, to the fellows and to the different speakers and presenters.  A lot of the information or ideas discussed weren’t altogether new to me but perhaps presented from a different perspective making it fresh and interesting.  The high degree of collaboration and interaction made the sessions both friendly and fun.  I learned a few new presentation skills from Gerry that I’ve used and need to continue to polish.  The overnight at Winbak was a great ice breaker and being in a different environment made it even more stimulating.  Even though I negotiate for a living the class with Ron Shapiro help sharpen those skills. Luby was a real standout for me and her insight came at a very opportune time. I’m going to see if we can have her speak at UA. We had a diverse range of backgrounds and came from different industries but it made me once again realize we all deal with similar struggles and can rely on each other for both advice and support.  Thank you for allowing me to participate in the sessions as long as I did. You have once broadened my perspective and further my growth as a global citizen. Cheers to the inaugural EDGE class.”