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Tabata Gomez - Emerging & Developing Global Executives Program

2016 Fellows

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Tabata Gomez Global Cosmetics Innovation Leader, Associate Brand Director Procter & Gamble

Tabata Gomez

Vice President Innovation Face Category and Covergirl Product Development

Coty Inc.

“Joining the EDGE program was exactly what I needed at this point in my career. The program allowed me to take one afternoon off every month to focus on developing myself while also providing me tools to be more successful in the business world. One of the best parts of the program was how energized and empowered I felt every time I returned to work after an EDGE session; I was always anxious to get back to work and apply my recently acquired learning. The EDGE program also opened my eyes to the countless business opportunities and support programs for new business development that the Baltimore area has to offer. It allowed me to make business connections that will be beneficial in the long term; for example, through the program I met Maria Slaughter from Grace and after talking one day we realized her company had a great technology that P&G Cosmetics could benefit from, so we established the connection and now both companies are working together on a project. I also learned a lot from the Bowe Fellows – being able to listen and learn from the experiences of such a diverse and talented group of individuals has been a unique opportunity for growth. I was also very impressed with some of the speakers I met through the EDGE program, so I invited a couple of them to lead some training sessions at P&G to ensure I could expose the people in my company to the great learning I had access to. I can say with certainty that connecting with people from different work fields and learning about so many different topics has helped me become a stronger leader. But most importantly, the program enabled me to forge strong personal connections with the Bowe Fellows that I believe will last a lifetime leaving me with a strong professional and personal network to leverage in the years to come.”