2018 Bowe Fellows

Barry Wright

Vice President of Product Strategy

Videology, Inc.

A Maryland native, and Baltimore resident for the past 5 years, Barry Wright, III leads the Product and Commercial Strategy at Videology, a global technology company in the advertising industry.  Videology is a dynamic, Baltimore-founded company, with employees and business in over 25 countries, providing the world’s largest media companies, agencies, and advertisers with software to plan, trade, and execute digital and television video advertising.  At Videology, Barry has led the Product Management function for several years, and now leads global Product and Commercial Strategy – coordinating market feedback, roadmaps, development, and client management.  Prior to Videology, Barry pursued his first passion of teaching.  He worked in educational software, at Hawkes Learning Systems, based in Charleston, SC, and worked for Duke University as a teaching assistant, tutor, and curriculum developer in the Mathematics department.  During his time at Videology, Barry has worked extensively with global markets, in particular Japan, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia.  Barry is a graduate of Duke University with a degree in Mathematics.