Where it Began - Emerging & Developing Global Executives Program

Where it Began

EDGE Story

Peter Bowe, WTCI Board Member and then President of Ellicott Dredges, LLC and Ellicott Dredge Enterprises, LLC, (now retired) and Barbara Stewart, retired JP Morgan executive, (and former CEO of AmeriCorps) approached WTCI with the idea of  approached WTCI with the idea of creating a global business leadership program, modeled after an existing program offered by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. They saw a need to enhance Baltimore’s global competitiveness and knew that WTCI would be the right partner to bring this idea to life.

Leveraging the 25-year experience and key connections of Baltimore’s World Trade Center Institute, the EDGE Program enhances participants’ global business acumen, strengthens their global network connections with fellow EDGE participants and seasoned global executives, and drives Baltimore’s international business growth. The Bowe-Stewart Foundation is the proud founding partner of the EDGE Program.

Peter Bowe
EDGE Founder, Peter Bowe, talks about the EDGE Program