Sessions – Emerging & Developing Global Executives Program


September 26, 2019

Leadership and Communication

Master the key to a successful leadership style in the art of communication. Body language and perception are key in transforming a professional image. Lead and negotiate your way through successful conversations and presentations.

Gerry Sandusky

October 10-11, 2019


Attend a one-of-a-kind overnight retreat designed to foster team building and collaboration amongst Bowe Fellows through an Emergenetics brain-mapping workshop and Italian cooking class. Share professional growth with other driven individuals to discover and redefine skills.

Jerry Pelligrino

Betsy Caine Work in Progress Founder and President

Betsy Caine

Joe Thomson Owner Winbak Farm

Joe Thomson

Amy Von Lange

Novemebr 7, 2019

Global Finance – Managing Currency & Accessing Capital Markets

Discover the unique financial challenges facing companies when entering foreign markets from global strategists. Analyze foreign exchange risk, access credit, and receive payments in international transactions to predict the next steps of growth.

Birte Rice

George Nemphos

Bruce McIndoe


Erik Duckstein

Decemebr 12, 2019

Global Strategy

Learn to think strategically by examining vital planning and decision-making processes on a global scale. Advantageously predict foreign markets to expand and develop using the experiences of other multinational businesses.

Nick DeSimone

Anirban Basu Chairman & CEO Sage Policy Group, Inc.

Anirban Basu

January 28, 2020

The Art & Science of Global Negotiation

Enhance business negotiation skills and techniques provided by a global leading facilitator. Adapt key strategies from expectations, preparation, and listening.

Dimple Amin

Dimple Amin

Jeff-Cochran, Shapiro Negotiations Institute, Principal/ Master Facilitator

Jeff Cochran

February 11, 2020

Global Marketing – Trials & Triumphs from Maryland Firms

Explore global marketing and branding strategies not only in average advertisements, but also through language and culture. Hear first-hand experiences from senior marketing professionals in leading multinational corporations in developing your strategy.

Lisa Copeland

Colin Clark

Tabata Gomez

Tabata Gomez

March 10, 2020

Global Supply Chain – The Impact of Current Events & Trends

Learn how corporations respond to changes in the global environment ranging from tariffs, natural disaster, and instability within countries. Predict the potential strain onsupply chains for in and out sourcing decisions to minimize the impact.

Brant Matthews

Nick DeSimone

Paul Fipps

Colin Browne

Jerry Garland Former Senior Vice President TESSCO Technologies

Jerry Garland

April 1, 2020

Global Business Ethics

Learn from McDonough School of Business Professor Peter Jaworski about business ethics through his presentation “Obstacles to Ethics,” where Fellows will discuss the complexities of ethical decision making and behaviors within a business and cultural context.

After the Session, the Bowe Fellows will attend the Maryland International Leadership Awards, an event were 300+ of the region’s top international business leaders gather to honor the leaders who are guiding their organizations to new heights.

Peter Jaworski

May 12, 2020

Baltimore’s Global Resources & Reputation

Discuss Baltimore’s most recognizable global companies and analyze why Baltimore is good for global business. Learn how companies have successfully leveraged local strengths into a global market scale. Strategize and capitalize on Baltimore’s innovation, location, and education.

Signe Pringle

Peter O'Malley

Peter O’Malley

Deb Kielty President & Executive Director

Deborah Kielty

June 9, 2020

Closing Reception

Celebrate the completion of the program with final testimonials detailing Bowe Fellows’ experiences in the EDGE Program. Finalize successful connections for long term bonds and insight from different careers. Reflect on personal and professional growth alongside other Bowe Fellows.