How long has the World Trade Center Institute been working in international exchanges?

2016 marks our 20th anniversary of hosting international visitors.

What is a Host Family?

Host Family members have the opportunity to learn about another culture without leaving home. But perhaps the most valuable part of the experience is the lasting friendships that are formed by participants. After the homestay program there remains an understanding of another’s culture, world-view and customs. With this awareness comes an increased tolerance of the differences between peoples and a heightened appreciation of the similarities.

Who can be a Host Family?

A host family is usually defined as two related people, one of whom is a native speaker of English. Families of all sizes and descriptions are welcome.

How do families benefit from the hosting experience? Are they paid?

Our families are volunteer host families and are not paid. The concept of “volunteerism” is often a new concept to many foreign visitors and is one of the things in our culture of which we can have great pride. Families benefit from hosting in many ways! It is an educational experience that is fun for all involved, from the baby to the Grandpa. The family is able to see their own culture and life through the eyes of the visitor. They learn about the culture and life of that visitor and can compare the difference and similarities. Many families who have hosted visitors have then traveled to visit their visitors in their home country. Also they have reported that their children were so affected by the experience that they began to study foreign languages in school and to travel to other countries. Some even went on to study international law and business. At the least this experience allows the family members to learn about another culture without leaving their living room.

What can I expect when hosting a visitor?

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