2012 Women Spanning the Globe - Women Spanning the Globe

2012 Women Spanning the Globe

General Info

The 6th Annual Women Spanning the Globe was held on  May 31st, 2012 from 9am – 3:30pm at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore Maryland.


Globalization in Healthcare

Featured: Bahija Jallal, Rebecca Landa and Vinita Gupta

Successful Women, Philanthropy and Financial Planning

Featured: Christine Fahlund and Deborah Foster

Keeping it Real: The Future of Brand Building and the Imperative Leadership Role in Woman

Featured: Marc Pritchard

Empowering Women – Building Business & Nations

Featured: Pierella Paci and Kim Weaver

Panel Four: NextGen Women Leaders on the Global Scene

Featured: Jennifer Clinton and Anne Henderson

“I Did it My Way” – Women Visionaries

Featured: Rebecca Hofferberger

2012 Moderators and Speakers

Anne Henderson

Deborah Foster

Christine Fahlund

Kim Weaver

Pierella Paci

Rebecca Landa

Rebecca Landa

Bahija Jallal

Deborah Kielty

Sheela Murthy

Dr. Leslie Mancuso

Rebecca Hoffberger

Marc Pritchard