2014 Women Spanning the Globe - Women Spanning the Globe

2014 Women Spanning the Globe

General Info

The 8th Annual Women Spanning the Globe was held on  May 21st, 2014 from 9am – 3:30pm at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore Maryland.


Developing Women Leaders- What’s Working Today

Featured: Sheela Murthy, Anna Stepanova, Sylvia Toense, Sharon Mirabella and Tonya Villafana

Women Around the World in 60 Minutes

Featured: Leslie Mancuso, Myra Betron, Barbara Keating, Cheryl Williams and Christine Matthews 

Global Business of Doing Good – From Grassroots to B Corps to NGO’s and For Profits

Featured: Deb Kielty, Janine Branch, Amena Ali, Anne Reynolds and Stephanie Reynolds 

Women’s Body Language, Positive Psychology & the Brain – Power Pose Fun

Featured: Jessica Glazer and Amy Cuddy

Social Media Savvy, Join the Conversation

Featured: Monkya Berrocosa

Connection Women “From Seed to Cup” International Coffee Tasting

Featured: Margaret Swallow

One Man’s Take via video

Featured: Marc Pritchard and Sheryl Sandberg 

2014 Moderators and Speakers

Christine Matthews PhD

Barbara Keating

Jessica Glazer

Janine Branch

Myra Betron

Amena Ali

Cheryl Williams

Tonya Villafana

Sylvia Toense

Margret Swallow

Anna Stepanova

Stephanie Reynolds

Anne Reynolds

Sharon Mirabelle

Deborah Kielty

Sheela Murthy

Dr. Leslie Mancuso

Marc Pritchard

Monyka Berrocosa