2015 Women Spanning the Globe - Women Spanning the Globe

2015 Women Spanning the Globe

General Info

The 9th Annual Women Spanning the Globe was held on  June 2th, 2015 from 9am – 3:30pm at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore Maryland.


Developing Executive Presence for Impact and Influence

Featuring: Kathy Carmean

Social Media Trends Around the World

Featuring: Nina Bankova, Monyka Berrocosa

Closing the Gender Gap

Featuring: Sheela Murthy, Julie Kernan, Laura Boydston and Betty Hines

One Man’s Take – Lead Like a Woman

Featuring: Marc Pritchard

Ignite and Impact – The Visionary Experience

Featuring: Rebecca Hoffberger

Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get

Featuring: Sheela Murthy

Business and Cultural Practices Around the World

An Entrepreneur’s Story | Asia & America Insights

Featuring: Mei Xu

A Millennial Story | Mexico and Europe Insights

Featuring: Tabata Gomez

An Immigrant Story | Africa Insights

Featuring: Wendy Legma Borden

2015 Moderators and Speakers

Deborah Kielty

Sheela Murthy

Dr. Leslie Mancuso

Rebecca Hoffberger

Betty Hines

Laura Boydston

Julie Kernan

Marc Pritchard

Monyka Berrocosa

Wendy Legma Borden

Tabata Gomez

Mei Xu

Kathryn Carmean


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