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Freshwater resources are threatened by climate change, population growth, and agricultural uses. By 2025, more than 2.8 billion people in 48 countries, including the United States, are projected to deal with water stress or scarcity conditions. Water is a key element of production and development. In this session, learn how companies are addressing the water scarcity currently and in the future through breakthrough innovations and partnerships to help conserve and protect our water supply.



Water scarcity directly affects and impacts human health around the world. Today, 2.1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. This session will cover what’s at stake. We will hear from organizations working on the frontlines to address water scarcity and drive innovations to provide clean water to those who need it most. Learn about the role that industries play in increasing scarcity, the lack of progress on the policy front, and how global businesses can participate in addressing water scarcity to save and improve lives and their businesses.



Gaithersburg based Novavax is a global leader in vaccine development. For more than decade enhancing global health by fighting against diseases like Influenza, RSV, Eboa, MERS, SARS, and COVID-19. Their innovative recombinant nanoparticle vaccine platform allows them to take a novel approach to vaccine development. At this webinar learn how companies are expediting vaccine development and the business and scientific challenges that they encounter.


Join WTCI members, government officials, and business who operate in and around Maryland’s port as we get the latest insights into out ports – key economic drivers of our region.



Learn what are today’s top critical skills employers are seeking out and cultivating in their people and How has this pandemic modified the way teams operate and will continue to operate in the future.



The same digital tools and data sources that fuel productivity and growth have been weaponized against us by nefarious groups and even rogue states. For organizations or all sizes, dealing with the threat of cyber attack has become a way of life. Data breaches can cost companies billions of dollars, cripple a city’s services, or expose sensitive information. Preventing data incursions is only part of the story. The most forward-thinking organizations are prepared with a multifaceted response when attacks do occur. At this session see how top companies are approaching this challenge and gain insights to the threats they have faced.



Join us in honoring 2020′s award winners that have guided their companies and the state of Maryland to new global heights!


On September 29th, join us at AVAM for a day of learning, inspiration, and professional networking.


The long and diversified supply chains that have come to dominate the global economy have brought opportunities along with challenges. New technology like block chain, IOT, RFID, drones, and 5G are creating new capabilities while old technologies like airships are being re-purposed to meet new logistics challenges. At this session, we will learn how companies are employing cutting edge strategies to lower costs, increase efficiencies, reduce time to market, and track sources and materials giving themselves a competitive edge.



Cushman Wakefield has put together Recovery Readiness Guidelines for the workforce returning to both Office and Industrial properties. WTCI Board member and Managing Director of Cushman and Wakefield’s Baltimore Office Peter Stanford along with experts from the company will share how the landscapes of commercial real estate have changed including perspectives on global workplace trends both accelerated and reversed in response to COVID-19.



We have yet to grasp the full implications of COVID-19 to the global economy. Will jobs continue to shift to emerging markets or is re-shoring the new normal? In this session Anirban Basu will weigh in on the winners and losers of the COVID-19 crisis, as well as challenges and opportunities going forward.



Your supply chain acts as the circulatory system of your business and is equally as complex and can easily make or break your business. COVID-19 has exposed many vulnerabilities of organizations worldwide during this pandemic, especially those with a high dependence on China as a supplier.  In this webinar we’ll focus on new supply chain technologies that are emerging beyond the linear supply-chain model and towards end-to-end visibility, collaboration, agility, and optimization by utilizing innovative tools such as digital supply networks (DSNs), A.I., 5G and other applications to help ensure management of supply chain disruption during a global pandemic.


What specific impacts and disruptions, both good and bad, will the virus bring to business across the globe?  We will discuss regional and global implications happening now, and what the future holds for organizations around the world.


Why did you choose your model of cell phone? Your car? A lot of thought went into the design of the products we use everyday. Good design can define a product or company leading to lasting costumer loyalty and competitive advantages. Poor product design can quickly leave established brands wondering why their market share seemingly evaporated. Old barriers to entry around scale, supply chain, and distribution have fallen creating even more emphasis on the importance of design.


The World Health Organization (WHO) and other UN partners have prioritized food safety as a public health issue. How food is managed from farm to fork helps avoid contamination by pesticides and other chemicals, pathogens that can be transmitted by food and water, foreign materials that can work their way into food, intentional adulteration, safe transporting of product, proper labeling and packaging, and consumer mishandling. With collaboration between public-private partnerships between regulatory bodies, food producers, and consumers, can we raise food safety culture and awareness in order to reduce the impact of foodborne illnesses globally?


Over the last few decades, globalization has been a powerful force raising incomes and lifting millions out of poverty. But in our interconnected world, the risk of contagion – both financial and medical – is greater than ever. In 2008, a financial crisis ravaged the global economy. Now the Corona virus has sent the world’s economy reeling. Even before the pandemic, populism and nationalism emerged as a potent challenge to the global order. Now, international cooperation is key to solving this current crisis. Can we revolutionize the ways in which we collaborate across borders in order to move forward towards a more stable future?



COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on global business. How long will you weather the storm? When will things return to “normal”? Hear directly from Maryland’s Secretary of Commerce on what resources are available to Maryland businesses to navigate COVID-19, as well as what the state and local companies are doing to overcome this challenge.


Saft's products can be found in all four corners of the world, and floating high above the world. From the Arctic to the Sahara Desert, forumla one to NASA, they deliver high-end batteries and battery systems. With locations in 18 countries, see what they are doing just around the corner at their cockeysvle facility. Featuring: [...]

Join us at Spark Baltimore, to learn key business strategies from the public and private sector about doing business in Japan while sampling Japanese food and drinks. Location: Spak Baltimore | 8 Market Pl #300, Baltimore, MD 21202 Featuring: Chiyo Kobayashi Owner Washington|CORE Shinichi Iida Minister for Economic Affairs Embassy of Japan