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We have served Maryland's International Community for 30 Years
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Empowering globally-minded leaders with new ideas and valuable connections


At WTCI, we believe in the power of a connected global community and being part of something bigger than ourselves. We believe that sharing knowledge and experiences makes a positive impact on Maryland and across the globe.

With an awesome mix of events, programs, and services, ideas are expanded. Collaboration is created. Connections are made. Members, from companies big and small, push and empower each other to succeed and connect in ways they never could have imagined. From the college student to the corporate CEO, our programs prepare our members for the global economy. Become a Part of the World Trade Center Institute network to take advantage of:

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  • “What I like the most about WTCI is that relationships drive so much of what you do and this is a tremendous vehicle to build relationships relatively quickly. Like anything else what you invest is what you get out of it, but the people are really receptive and it’s more of a what can I do for you as opposed to what’s in it for me. The doors start to swing both ways with these relationships and it gets to be a lot of fun”

    George Santos, Senior Managing Director- Savills Studley

  • “WTCI puts on first-class meetings so one, you’re going to learn and you have access to the expertise that WTCI brings. If you are planning to do any business either here locally or with companies that are planning to do some things internationally, it’s a great resource given what we do as an organization of Bank of America we’re really pleased to be part of WTCI.”

    Sabina Kelly, Greater Maryland Market President- Bank of America