Welcome to the largest international business network in the Mid-Atlantic! At WTCI, we strive to drive the growth of Maryland’s global business community through our global connections, events, professional exchanges, and international business services. WTCI provides the opportunity for companies to network with local business executives, explore new partnerships, expand international sales, trade, and more! Join our network of over 16,000 people and start leveraging your international prospects today.
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Taste of Business in Israel

Save the date for this learning and networking experience featuring Israel. Enjoy the region’s food and drink, and learn best practices regarding doing business in Israel.

Upcoming Events

International Connections

WTCI’s Network Connections allow our members to connect to WTCI’s resources in the region and across the world. Whether it is a key meeting with a potential business partner across town, an Embassy official in Washington DC, or a World Bank opportunity across the world, WTCI Network Connections will help you take your business global.

Member Services

WTCI offers a wide range of essential business services that enhance the ability of our members to compete in the international business arena. From our Travelers’ Intelligence Package to our strategic introductions, WTCI’s member services will allow your company to take on the challenge of global business.

EDGE Program

The Emerging and Developing Global Executives (EDGE) Program is the region’s premier learning opportunity for rising business leaders who want to enhance their understanding of international business. Each year, 20-25 candidates will be selected to partake in a range of workshops and events, and meet with internationally-minded leaders from various fields. These interactions and educational components will enhance the participants’ global perspective, build their international network, and ultimately help them have a greater impact in their region and profession.

Professional Exchanges

For over 20 years, WTCI’s Professional Exchanges Program department has designed and delivered exchange programs for foreign professionals from around the world. Topics cover a wide array of technical and educational subject areas. We have a number of volunteer opportunities available and we encourage you to get involved and make a difference.

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