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What is WTCI’s

AGILE Innovation Series?

AGILE is where executives from top international firms, universities leaders, and government officials meet four times a year to learn about and discuss breakthrough global innovation with top thought leaders and peers across industry sectors.  The series highlights the extensive innovations happening in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond and addresses significant global social and environmental issues that are impacting business, society, governments, and education.

At each session, 3-4 thought leaders and industry experts discuss inspiring innovations in a TedTalk styled presentation followed by a moderated panel, Q&A, and networking reception. These sessions provoke thought, inspire, educate, and connect global leaders. Lessons learned and ideas focus on approaches to innovation, which are applicable to any organization. The AGILE Series is held at the historic Parkway Theater in Baltimore.

The best way to get involved is to subscribe to the series. Each subscription includes four tickets for your co-workers or clients and more. Contact for more information.

Due to the effects of COVID-19 and keeping with the best advice of the global health community which encourages social distancing, AGILE Innovation Series: Cybersecurity will be postponed. Stay tuned to this website for more information regarding a new date.

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The same digital tools and data sources that fuel productivity and growth have been weaponized against us by nefarious groups and even rogue states. For organizations or all sizes, dealing with the threat of cyber attack has become a way of life. Data breaches can cost companies billions of dollars, cripple a city’s services, or expose sensitive information. Preventing data incursions is only part of the story. The most forward-thinking organizations are prepared with a multifaceted response when attacks do occur. At this session see how top companies are approaching this challenge and gain insights to the threats they have faced.

TBD 2020 – 4pm-7pm
Parkway Theater
5 W North Ave,
Baltimore, MD 21201
Shelley Lombardo, COO, Evergreen Advisors
Thomas Warner - Vice President, Cyber Solutions - Lockheed Martin

May 2020

Product Design

Why did you choose your model of cell phone? Your car? A lot of thought went into the design of the products we use everyday. Good design can define a product or company leading to lasting costumer loyalty and competitive advantages. Poor product design can quickly leave established brands wondering why their market share seemingly evaporated. Old barriers to entry around scale, supply chain, and distribution have fallen creating even more emphasis on the importance of design.

Top companies are prioritizing design and rethinking the entire design process to build products that stand out from the crowd. Learn how companies are approaching the design process and about the new and innovative processes companies are developing to stay one step ahead.

Sept 2020

Supply Chain

The long and diversified supply chains that have come to dominate the global economy have brought opportunities along with challenges. New technology like block chain, IOT, RFID, drones, and 5G are creating new capabilities while old technologies like airships are being re-purposed to meet new logistics challenges. At this session, we will learn how companies are employing cutting edge strategies to lower costs, increase efficiencies, reduce time to market, and track sources and materials giving themselves a competitive edge.

Angela Czajkowski
nick desimone
Brant Matthews

Dec 2020


In some parts of the world, people walk miles to find clean water. Recently Flint Michigan found out what it is like to not have potable water, but most people in the United States have the luxury of taking water for granted. However due to the increasing effects of climate change, population density, development, and pollution, we may soon find ourselves without easy access to clean water.

The water we use on a daily basis is just the tip of the iceberg of water consumption. It takes massive amounts of water to build many of the products we use everyday –  up to 20,000 gallons to make a car, 3,000 to make a phone, 2,000 to make a pair of jeans, and 40 to make a pint a beer. Smart companies are planning ahead to reduce their water consumption to manage the risk of depending on this rapidly depleting resource. At this session we will learn about some of the strategies and contingencies forward thinking companies are using to maintain this vital resource.

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