2017 Sessions – WTCI's AGILE Innovation Series

2017 Sessions

May 15

Global Innovation in the Spice World of Food and Flavor

This century-old company maintains its position as the top spice company in the world by relying on innovation across all areas of its business. Beyond its global network of 18 Technical and Innovation Centers and flavor forecasting, McCormick has found success with innovative packaging, marketing efforts, and its global acquisition strategy.

lawrence kurzius

Hamed Faridi

Chief Science Officer


June 22

Global Innovation in the Wireless World

TESSCO is at the center of the wireless world, a position that can only be maintained through constant innovation, fresh ideas and strong partnerships with industry leaders like Samsung and Outter Products. As a one-stop wireless shop, TESSCO has their finger on the pulse of this rapidly changing market to meet the evolving demands of their clients.

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Liz Robinson

Senior Vice President

Sept 28

Global Innovation in the World of Fashion and Jewelry

Pandora shook up the jewelry industry with the introduction of their iconic charm bracelets in 2000. This innovation, combined with international expansion, fueled the company’s rapid growth over the ensuing years and today, Pandora is one of the largest jewelry companies in the world.


Charisse Ford

Chief Marketing Officer


Scott Burger

President of the Americas


Jenny Merrill

VP of Retail Operations &
Business Development


Beth Moeri

Chief Merchandising Officer


Nov 8

Innovation in the World of Wearable Technology

Although Under Armour is well known for its sweat-wicking fabrics, it has recently made a shift to embrace digital technology. It has spent nearly a billion dollars acquiring wearable fitness companies, making it a leader in the space and giving Under Armour insightful data, allowing for new and innovative ways to create value for its customers.


Kevin Haley

Executive Vice President, Strategy


Randy Harward

Senior Vice President