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Professional Exchanges Program

“I find it so rewarding in our global life experiences to make human connections that stay with you. In some ways our is smaller but real communication doesn’t come as a result of technology, it’s the face-to-face, handshake squeeze that leaves an imprint. That’s why the hard work that you do is tremendously important. Our country would have a broader world view/understanding if our neighbors if individuals could make personal contact.”

– Rebecca S. Ebaugh, Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks

For over 20 years, WTCI’s Professional Exchanges Program department has designed and delivered exchange programs for foreign professionals from around the world. Topics cover a wide array of technical and educational subject areas.  We have a number of volunteer opportunities available and we encourage you to get involved and make a difference.

International Visitor Leadership Program

International Visitors Leadership Prorgam

  • 20+ Years of experience in U.S. State Department’s premier professional exchange program and its sole program administrator in Maryland
  • Professional and cultural itineraries for over 650 leaders globally
  • Promotes citizen diplomacy and increases mutual understanding

University Services

University of Maryland

  • Customized educational programs for universities here and abroad
  • Students exposed to hands on experiences and site visits at a number of Mid-Atlantic companies and organizations
  • Strengthens university links across borders through hosting foreign students at local university campuses

Embassy & Professional Association Services

Embassy & Professional Association Services

  • Targeted invite only networking gatherings with attendees that have vested interests in the country or industry being featured
  • Assists embassies and foreign industry associations in promoting business opportunities in their countries
  • Connects foreign trade delegations to government and the private sector

Visiting Professionals and Youth

Visiting Professionals and Youth

  • Match making for exchanges of best practices in a variety of fields
  • Program development for USAID professional exchanges
  • Logistics arrangements and cultural immersion activities