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For 13 years, the Women Spanning the Globe Leadership conference has been the premier destination for curious, talented, and ambitious female professionals from the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. The World Trade Center Institute curates unique and inspiring conferences where female leaders and innovators share ideas, stories, and lessons with the goal of connecting and educating rising female leaders.

Event Details

September 29, 9am-4pm
American Visionary Art Museum

800 Key Hwy | Baltimore, MD



Closing the Gender Gap

What is the current state of gender equality around the world? What are the biggest gap areas are and the impacts? How do we “define and own” our own progress? At this session we will investigate how we can push for equality and leveling the playing field,  support brands and organizations who get it, and leverage the power of our community to drive change?

Thinking Like a CEO (C Suite/Sr Management)

This session for senior executives will explore how to approach management through the lens of the CEO to increase alignment, efficiency and performance.

Building and Working in High Performing Teams

Dive into what is creates a high-performing team, the role that diversity plays in achieving results, new ways and structures to approach team building, and learnings from proven leaders.

Leveraging Community and Paving the Way

As our community strives to break more glass ceilings and close the gender gap, how can leveraging the community help us advance?  Speakers will explore their experiences and results in leveraging allies in the community who champion closing the gender gap and will leave attendees with a call to action.

Turning Curiosity into Courage

What is the link between curisosity and courage? How does one of these traits inform the other, a together how do they impact your life? Curiosity without courage will go unfullfilled – the courage to act is required to satiate one’s curiostiy. In this session we will examine how you can take combine your curiosity and courage to make you a better leader, better person, and have a more fullfilling life.

Leading with Purpose and the Impact of Service

Leaders who are driven by purpose are more effective and rally others to their cause. They are rooted in a desire to serve others, make an impact and are express empathy and authenticity. These traits help align their teams with they goals and engender a deeper sense of commitment from their teams and produce exceptional results and our helping to make the world a better place.

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